osteria gusto

Osteria Gusto is one of our favorite places to lunch.  We always start with one of the Fritto Misto plates to share. This time we tried the whole shebang which included fried zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and anchovies, fried zucchini, and the usual fried shrimps and calamari.  The zucchini flowers and zucchini were a little too heavily battered for my taste. The seafood on the other hand were fried in a light tempura style batter which was really delicious.

Frito Misto I

For our next courses I ordered the Tonnarelli with Pecorino and Pepper which is a very classic Roman pasta dish.  The pasta is somewhat like a thicker spaghetti and of course is cooked al dente. It is a sturdy and very filling dish.


Pecorino e Pepe
Pecorino and Pepper with Tonnarelli

We then ordered a risotto with shrimp and lemon sauce that was very luxurious in texture and taste. The texture was not like so many risottos that are rich and creamy. The rice/risotto in this dish still had its own identity, cooked al dente, and the sauce applied much like a dressing. It rather reminded me of a pilaf instead of the more creamy risottos that I sometimes find a too creamy and mushy.

Risotto con gamberi e limone